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Your local grocery store or gas station may have the basic run-of-the-mill cigarettes, but they won't have the rarer products found at Blue Moon Glass House. From pipe tobacco to cigars, we have a wide variety of tobacco products in stock. You can stop by our tobacco shop in Sedalia, MO to pick up timeless favorites like Cigarillos, or find something new.

Visit our local shop today to explore the many different types of tobacco.

Choose your favorite way to appreciate tobacco

There are many different ways to enjoy our tobacco products. For example, you can:

  • Smoke it - get cigarettes or Cigarillos that are ready to grab and smoke on the go
  • Stuff it - fill your favorite tobacco pipe and enjoy a relaxing smoke
  • Roll it - avoid smoking toxic additives by rolling your own cigars
  • Chew it - keep a can of chewing tobacco handy for a more tactile experience
Stock up on premium products today by visiting our tobacco shop in Sedalia, MO.

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